TBD With LDT, Ep. 11 — “‘Shut Up and Do Your Job:’ Debunking the Dehumanization of Artists”

RELEASE DATE:  February 26, 2018

What is the job of an artist — an actor, a writer, a musician, a dancer, etc? What do people REALLY mean when they tell an artist to “shut up and do your job?” What does it mean when someone tells an actor “just shut up and say your lines–leave the politics out of it…I didn’t pay for you to mouth off about your beliefs,” or any number of dehumanizing commands? In this episode, I sound off on why this particular line of critique really gets under my skin, and I give a little history lesson on just how interconnected politics and art has always been.


TBD With LDT, Ep. 10 — “School Days Recollections, Courtesy of StoryCorps”

RELEASE DATE: February 17, 2018

10th episode of TBD With LDT! Too bad my brain is too mushy to enjoy it! I was in need of inspiration, so I turned to Storycorps.org and their question generator…but first I waxed sentimental about what a great organization Storycorps. If you haven’t checked them out– DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR AND GET INTO ‘EM!

TBD With LDT, Ep. 9 — “Surviving Tech Week”

RELEASE DATE: February 12, 2018

Gary Thomas suggested that I talk about surviving tech week — that dreaded week before a play opens, when all elements come together for the first time. One thing I forgot to mention? Humor! Humor helps, even if it’s just laughing at yourself when there’s a snafu. Here’s some tips on staying calm, self-care, and creating a productive collaborative environment — tips that work for all disciplines, not just theatre!

TBD With LDT, Ep. 7 — “Narrative”


RELEASE DATE: January 22, 2018

In which I walk in from Day 1 of spring semester of grad school and record an episode. Discussion of narrative as the primary way that humans learn….and a special surprise guest!

Finished rehearsal at 11pm, got home at 11:15pm, and just barely uploaded this before 11:59pm! This was SUCH an off-the-cuff episode that there is not one, but TWO special guests! My cat makes a couple of sound appearances…and then got home from work, so I made him join me in this discussion on narrative, storytelling, and truth. Enjoy!

TBD With LDT, Ep. 5 — “Email, Memory, Transitions”

RELEASE DATE: January 8, 2018

Last night I logged into an ancient email account and was ambushed by memory lane…so today I’m talking about the tricky nature of memory, what it’s like to revisit old emails (tangent: why doesn’t every BA/BFA/BS program have mandatory classes in “Email Writing For Your Field?”), and transitional periods of life (and their anniversaries).