TBD With LDT, Ep. 28: “Stretching Helps Us Grow”

RELEASE DATE: September 5, 2018

August 20th marked the beginning of the 2nd year of my MFA, the first semester of the Teacher Training program, and Joel’s first year at CSULA. On August 15th, I got word that my dad had a stroke and was in the hospital. He’s doing okay, all things considered, and these past few weeks have been big ones. Balancing the emotional/mental/physical workload of school is already a big journey; getting to be a part of my Dad’s life during this is a journey all its own. This episode of TBD With LDT talks about stretching — how life stretches us, pushes us, and how growth often comes with growing pains as we stretch through and past the discomfort of unfamiliarity. Join me as I talk about some of the discoveries of the past few weeks. And as always, thank you for listening.


TBD With LDT, Ep. 27: Adam Ferguson!

RELEASE DATE: August 8, 2018

SO happy to sit with my friend Adam Ferguson: Equity/SAG actor, voracious reader and theatre-goer, and a fellow MFA student in the TVFT program at Cal State LA. Lots of laughs in this episode as we riff with one another about an array of topics. Enjoy!


RELEASE DATE: July 25, 2018

This is my favorite episode of TBD With LDT so far, and for good reason. Not only is Traci Sprague the Artistic Director (and de facto Technical Director!) of Center Stage Conservatory in Modesto, she is also the mom of four amazing kids who are artists and activists in their own right. Traci is an actor, a director, a public figure, and she is an inspiration to pretty much anyone who has gotten the chance to work with her. She works hard and it shows in everything she does. On our episode, we talk about “The Wolves,” an all-female play by Sarah De Lappe which just finished a successful run at CSC, and we talk about the theme of CSC’s upcoming season, #thefutureisfemale . This was so joyous and inspiring to record, and I think it’s even more so to listen to. Enjoy.

TBD With LDT, Ep. 25: “Yes, Yes, Nanette”

RELEASE DATE: July 11, 2018

Hannah Gadsby’s show “Nanette” is available for streaming on Netflix and I highly, Highly, HIGHLY recommend it. It’s categorized as a comedy show, because Hannah has been working as a comedian for years, but this transcends comedy. This is a Truth in Storytelling master class, a raw and real and intensely human piece of work. It’s theatre and personal narrative and stand-up and it is so damn good. Life-changingly good, even.

TBD With LDT, Ep. 24: “The State of the Union”

RELEASE DATE: June 27, 2018

My summer job this year is working at a Summer Arts program for kids ages 10-15. I’m a theatre teacher, and in the morning I get to do bio-mechanics work with all 140+ students. Being around these kids has thrown sharp perspective onto the current events of our world, particularly what’s happening right here in the US. I reflect on some of the challenges of being a human and an artist in the current landscape, on how we need healers right now, and more.

TBD With LDT, Ep. 23: “What’s the Haps?”

RELEASE DATE: June 14, 2018

You guys, life gets BUSY sometimes! But honestly, I prefer it that way. Here’s a little catch-up on what I’ve been doing, why my summer is so busy, why I prefer to stay busy, and some of the things I have planned for Summer 2018 — including some LONG held goals that I want to FINALLY accomplish. Thanks for listening!

TBD With LDT, Ep. 22 — “Happy Pride 2018”

RELEASE DATE: June 5, 2018

Happy Pride Month 2018, y’all! We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re celebrating all month long! Today’s episode is a personal and heartfelt explosion of gratitude for the progress we’ve made, and a sobering look at how far we still have to go. We still live in a world where being openly LGBTQIA+ makes us a target–from anything to subtle microagressions to denial of human rights to murder. Each year we are faced with groups seeking to reverse the progress made towards LGBTQIA+ equality–and sometimes, those groups are within the highest forms of government and power.

Stay strong my family! Together we will carry this torch, keep it blazing bright, and we will illuminate the hearts of humanity!