TBD With LDT, Ep. 34: “TBD With Bethany Saint-Smith”

RELEASE DATE: December 12, 2018

Bethany Saint-Smith is a singer-songwriter, a poet, an autobiographer, a mother, a survivor, a force of nature — and a piece of the Universe glowing brightly. Of her singing, The Supreme’s Susaye Greene said, “Bethany has the instincts of an aged American blues singer. There’s a tug in the heart when you hear her sing that grabs you and makes you wonder what she’s lived through. She reminds me of the earthy Odetta of 60’s Folk-rock fame, or of Nina Simone’s scathingly sophisticated perceptions of life.” Bethany and I sit down and discuss life and barriers and human relationships in what will hopefully just be one episode in a series of talks with this incredible artist. Follow her on bethanysaintsmith.wordpress.com and find her on Facebook and Twitter.

TBD With LDT, Ep. 15 — A Recovering Alcoholic’s Guide to Social Anxiety

RELEASE DATE: March 26, 2018

Here’s the gritty reality folks: I’m a recovering alcoholic who, in addition to being an actor, ally, and artist, also gets to deal with anxiety, social anxiety, depression, and otha’ fun (read: not fun) stuff. In this episode of “TBD With LDT,” I discuss how my social anxiety has shifted over the years, and what it’s like dealing with it while also in recovery. Nearly every single human being has their social anxiety dial turned up just a notch — it’s what keeps us on our toes when we meet new people or are in new situations. But for some of us, the social anxiety dial is turned up — and sometimes, it’s blasting.