TBD With LDT, Ep. 20 — “DragCon! Katya! Theatre vs. Film! Clybourne Park!”

RELEASE DATE: May 14, 2018

I went to DragCon on Saturday, May 12th and was able to see Brian McCook’s (aka Katya)DEB Talk. It was so GOSH DANG inspiring and I HIGHLY recommend that you check out his podcast “Whimsically Volatile,” Brian talked about boundaries and living in the moment and much of what he said resonated with me and was directly related to some of the taking-stock that I’ve been doing as Year One of Grad School draws to a close. I’m in a TV, Film, and Theatre program, and although I’ve been really digging the film stuff, I have realized that theatre is my¬†#1, for now and forever. I love how NOW it is, how present and living and resonant a theatrical experience can be. So that’s what this episode is about. It’s about all of that.
(And it’s also a little bit about the script for “Clybourne Park” (which happens to be running now thru May 20, 2018 at Prospect Theater Project in Modesto.))